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A lot of older Twitter posts got wiped out by a glitch

Elon Musk's army of inactive followers paints a bleak picture of X as a whole

Elon Musk's X follower count bloated by millions of new, inactive accounts

Brands suspend advertising on X after ads appear alongside Nazi content

Prosecutors have Trump's Twitter DMs and drafts

X's $100 million a year 'Promoted Accounts' ad feature is no more

Elon Musk's creator monetization program fails to convince many to pay for X Premium

Mark Zuckerberg tells Elon Musk to get 'serious' or the cage fight is off

X lowers the eligibility requirements for creator monetization

X/Twitter executives had a very bad day defending Musk's platform

Elon Musk can filter offensive tweets for advertisers. Why not for users?

Tweetdeck gets renamed to XPro

A nonprofit tracks hate speech online. Elon Musk's X is suing them.

Giant X removed from Twitter HQ after slew of safety complaints

Elon Musk's X launches ad revenue sharing program for creators

Elon Musk's 25-year obsession with 'X' explains what he did to Twitter

Elon Musk reverses plan to get rid of 'light mode' on X

Elon Musk had Tesla overstate its battery range. Tesla then canceled related service appointments.

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